UPCP Plainfield NJ - Beware of Dr. Dineesh Patel (NJ)

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Dr. Patel does not show concern for his patients. He starts to write out RX (mental Health) before you even sit down. Appointments last 5 minutes tops.

He prescribed a med for me. I took it for 1 week and did not help, so I called and asked to up the dosage. "I don't do that over the phone", he told me. So I asked when could I get an increase? He told me "at your next appointment", which is 3 months away. I asked if he could prescribe something else ( as I was in terrible shape.)

At this point he showed his true colors. He basically accused me of being a drug addict and that I would continue to ask for an increase. I told him it's not like that, I just want some help NOW! No such luck, he became angry and said to wait until my next appointment. "I can't do anything", he said.

Aren't doctors supposed to care for their patients and listen to their concerns and help them ??





boycott these places. people have to stop putting up with it.

I had a mental health doc. I had seen a therapists for a month leading to getting to see the doc. This would mmake it easy for him as she took notes and I would get my five minutes.

I was crying and he nasked me "on a scale of one to ten, how do you feel, if one is happy and ten is sad?" I am not kidding!!!! I wasn't leaking a few tears, I was in extreme hysterics.

He was from India also. Where do they get their license in India? I think they are doing some kind of medicaid fraud. they certainly aren't 'doctoring.' I still, vaguely, remember real doctors.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #11655

He wrote an article on Drs who don't have any bedside manners and what a shame it was etc etc.I got sucked in thnking HE was a caring Dr.

This man is NO Dr - he kept looking at his watch all the time while I was talking to him.A REAL *** ARTIST - interested in his old age to get new patients!!

Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States #4978

Any "mental health" medications take several days to weeks to build up in the body before you will see any improvement.

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